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Thread: Termignoni Exhaust

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    Termignoni Exhaust

    I have an opportunity to purchase a used pair of Termignoni exhausts from a Ducati (seems to be for a 1098 or 1198) and thought it would be an idea to see if they fit. So I'm looking for advice on exhaust selection.

    To my mind, assuming the dimensions are relatively similar to the stock exhaust or after market exhausts it should be do-able? Can someone correct me on that?

    Reckon if the outlet pipe is near the diameter of the spec options it should be okay? What sort of difference would be acceptable?
    Help appreciated here.
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    The cans themselves will make very little difference, I would think. The Y-pipe is key, but any exhaust shop should be able to make one, or modify the one that came with it. You'll want the connection between the cat and Y-pipe to be snug so the clamp works.

    I now a guy who made under-tail exhaust for his CBR600 out of a Corvette muffler.

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    It won't be doable without some custom work, but anything is possible if you throw enough money at it!
    I follow a guy on instagram that fabbed up a side exit exhaust with a GP SC Project and it looks phenomenal, wouldn't be a bad idea if you don't have any space under the tail for the termi.
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    Twin pipes are overkill on this engine, really. The combined flow area is pretty huge, even with baffles and a single can has been shown to be effective. So I wouldn't worry too much about the outlet size.

    Now the location (length from exhaust valves) and ratio of any size changes in the pipework will have a larger effect on the performance across the rev band, as will bends and tapers. However, that's not easy to predict. Take a close look at the Akra, Arrow etc. kits and try to copy it, as they've been designed not to upset / get the most out of the stock map.
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