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Thread: Time for tires...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LesRiskey View Post
    Damn, Skippy!

    What kind of tires came on it?

    Mine came with Q2s.

    My stock rear was shot after 5,000 miles.

    And I mean shot!

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    Whatever the OEM is. The rear is getting a flat spot on the middle. Not like yours though.
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    I highly recommend the m7rr
    Bike had bt023 on when I bought they did okay. Pushed them pretty hard never felt anything too crazy. I'm on my second set of m7rr and love them. Heat up quick and get pretty good mileage probably around 4k to 5k from rear. Very good I'm rain and pricing is pretty good. Grip is on par with Q3 but last twice as long.
    I've pushed the m7 hard and it feels great.
    Hope I could help!
    First pic is bt023 got it pretty warm
    Second pic is the first m7rr I ended up replacing as it was getting low in the area where the bike was tipping in.

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