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Thread: Fuel light/ Fuel level issue (2011 TV4)

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    Fuel light/ Fuel level issue (2011 TV4)

    Hey guys.

    An issue has popped up now where my fuel light will constantly be on saying that I am running on reserve or intermittently come on and start counting km's on reserve. Even after filling the tank right to the brim. Only happened occasionally but has gotten to a point where its on more time than its not.

    Is there a process I can go through to get to the fuel level sensor(?) to determine if its faulty or just needs to be cleaned or something? Can this be done by me, a person with average skill, or does it need to be done by a dealer?

    My other option is to just leave it for a month or so until I take it in to the dealer for the first valve check and have them sort it out and possibly add another cost to the service.

    The bike is on 16,5k kms


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    Any advice? Nothing I can do at home to check the issue?

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    The whole fuel pump/fuel filter and fuel level assembly is one piece and can be removed from the fuel tank.
    No idea on how to check the fuel level sensor though.
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