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Thread: Ben Spies on a "dirt bike"

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    Ben Spies on a "dirt bike"

    From asphaltandrubber:
    Ben Spies fans will be happy to hear that the Texan is returning to racing motorcycles, announcing the news while talking to Matthew Miles at Cycle World.
    However, the news might not be as expected, as Spies isn’t returning to the superbike paddock, but instead will compete in the AMA National Enduro series next season.
    As such, Spies will take part in several rounds on the Full Gas Sprint Enduro calendar, in the mid-level “Pro2” class; as well as an ISDE qualifier, with an eye on making the squad for Team USA.
    Certainly not the MotoAmerica Superbike Championship bid that was reported earlier, though Spies confirmed that he had been in talks with Ducati about racing a Panigale, and had also spun some laps on a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R at a track day in Texas.
    Spies estimates his shoulder being at 70%, but suitable enough for off-road racing. We are sure that AMA Pro Racing will be keen to see the former World Superbike champion in its paddock, though perhaps Spies’ celebrity status will be lost on some of the series’ fans.
    A proving ground for his fitness level, the AMA National Enduro series could be the first step for a road racing return for Ben Spies.
    Though, we have to admit our disappointment at hearing Spies won’t be on a Ducati superbike next season. That seems like a missed opportunity by all involved parties.

    What makes him think off-road will be "easier" on his shoulder? All the off road events I raced in (for 30 years) contained numerous obstacles each lap that want to pull my shoulder out of its socket!

    Hoping this isn't a repost...
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    If he is able to be competitive at his age, injury history, and little experience of this discipline then he is even more talented than I thought.

    I think he will find it is more punishing at actual race pace than he expects.

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    ^ My thoughts pretty much. He thinks a 70% shoulder is enough for the dirt..... um....ok.

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    wow. thats what i was thinking. he thinks it will be easier? i find dirt riding to be far more rough on the body. guess we'll see.
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    It ought to be interesting the first time he "tags" a tree with a barkbuster at speed. Ouchies!
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    Mean Dean chimes in:

    If that bit about his salary demands is true well wonder it went nowhere.

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