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Thread: 2009 shiver cat glowing red after short ride

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    Yep there are bunches of seals on eebs the size is 43-54-11 and 43-54-13 for the lipped dust /wiper seal .

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    Thanks Maddad
    got new seals on Thursday , now having them fitted, after removing from bike , by a mate a work , as don't have a vice at home .
    going tobe starting a new thread with regards to rear shock set up.

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    Morning All
    Follow up from last post , front forks are at present having new seals fitted.
    Many different thoughts on which oil to use , decided on 10w , thoughts on this ?
    While seals are being replaced , I decided to have a look at the rear shock .
    Have set it up as per manual , 160mm Spring length and 12 clicks on rebound screw,it was set to 170mm and about 17 clicks .
    Now my question is that I think this might be an uprated shock , due to the colour of the Spring,would the setup be the same as standard shock ?
    Pic at top of post is of Spring adjusted to 160mm.
    My second question is when refitting the the front forks, are there any measurement as to where the forks sit in the clamps ?
    Distance from wheel axle to lower clamp ?
    Fork protrusion from top clamp ?
    Input on these question would be greatly appreciated .

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    As far as I know, Shivers have been equipped with three different forks, prior to the new 900.
    Showa, Marzocchi and Sachs. They should say which they are on the inside of the "feet", where the axle goes.

    Mine are Showa, and I found that the stock damping was woefully inadequate, especially on rebound. In line with what others have tried on here, I put different weight oils in each leg, because the Showas have compression valving in the left leg only and rebound in the right. I went with a reasonable split, something like 7.5 wt in the left and 15 in the right, by mixing 5 and 20wt in the correct proportion.

    It's still not quite right, but the primitive valving prevents any real finesse in the damping, so if you stiffen too far with oil weight, you lose small bump compliance and risk locking the fork on big bumps. 10 wt is probably a good medium to start with. Not all oils are the same, though, different brands effectively use different scales, but if you use the same brand you know where you are.

    Hyperpro are particularly fond of their purple springs. So I'd say it is an "upgrade" item - have a think whether you weigh the same as the previous owner. With your adjustments, you've effectively added preload (and added rebound damping to go with it), this will stand the rear up higher, pitching the bike forwards and steepening the steering geometry ever so slightly. If you can get your eyes in there, I expect there'll be some numbers on the spring that Hyperpro (if it is one of theirs) can decipher for you - it may even make perfect sense, i.e. just have the spring rate printed on it. Can you find out if the fork springs are different as well? Hyperpro do "complete" kits, see.

    The forks have grooves machined into the tubes near the top, and it's easiest to measure at the top by how much they protrude - you can double check the axle to clamp distance with the wheel removed if you want. Watch for movement after torquing up, and again after riding. Stock settings should be two grooves showing, but many were delivered flush for some reason. When I dropped the clamps to the correct height, the steering felt much more neutral and it was easier to hold a line in corners - that's when I decided to change the fork oil. By lowering the front, you steepen the steering angle and reduce the trail. It also puts more weight on the front wheel, which can help with the vague, scrubby feeling you get sometimes (I flipped the bar risers and use a low-rise, low-sweep bar for a slightly more forward riding position anyway, combined with 2010+ footpegs).

    As far as geometry and preload go, you should have springs matched to your weight and the bike's weight distribution, plus intended use (road, track, mix etc.). Get the preload set for correct sag (so you know you're using the full stroke correctly), and then fine tune the geometry (e.g. by adjusting the fork height, or shock length, if adjustable) for steering feel.

    Since the Shiver's fork is not really adjustable, this is tricky to achieve. I intend to replace the shock and get some cartridges for the forks - as it is, the stock spring rates feel OK to me (10.5 st / 145 lbs / 65 kg no gear). I had the geometry just right, then I changed the gearing (15 / 43) and the extra chain length caused the wheelbase to grow by half an inch, which upset the steering again slightly!!
    2009 Shiver (White) | UK

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    Thanks for all the info.
    Sorry for slow reply , but been trying to get bike back together .
    Right have forks back in , and have set he height to one line showing above top clamp .
    Filled with 10w castrol fork oil.
    Also while bike was all stripped down , put some new rubber on as well , Pirelli Angel ST.
    So going to try setting up the rear shock in the morning ,previous owner was a Pettit woman, so might be set up a bit soft
    I am 85kg and 174cm tall .
    I found an interesting video on youtube for basically setting up rear shock , so will start with that first.
    I will keep you updated

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    Yes it is a hyperpro shock ,only number I can see on the Spring is 1175.
    So any suggestion on Spring adjustment ,I'm 85kg and 174cm tall.
    thanks in advance

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    They pretty much all do this, I have posted many pics from dyno session with the 750cc/900cc twins showing bright glowing from the catalyzer. Shaded from cooling air, placed in the worst possible location, it is pretty much normal.

    Here is a new 900 on the dyno:

    Diminished expectations is the key to happiness in life.

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