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Thread: dorso 1200 clutch fluid and metal noise.

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    dorso 1200 clutch fluid and metal noise.

    hi, ive changed the my dorsoduro clutch fluid, but after 40 miles its get all black again.
    ive tried to change it twice, and again after few miles it got black again.

    ive also have problem with clutch when released i get some hard metal noise its happening some times but often.
    feels like it coming from gear box ive opend the clutch plate everything looks fine
    springs, clutch, etc.

    any ideas?
    using motul 5.1 fluid.


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    Hello. With your bike its ewerything fine. I spoke with aprilia workshop in my town and they say that the black fluid its normal. It is possible to get rid off this problem, you must change piston in transmission selector. Black fluid it's not a defect.

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    Hey! I bought a Rizzoma tank clutch (bigger) and a problem with black fluid not occurring.

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