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Thread: Handlebar muffs

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    Handlebar muffs

    I'm looking for a pair of handlebar muffs that will fit my Aprilia Sportcity 250. I've looked at Givi and Tucano Urbano but not sure about fit. Anybody have any experience with these and or suggestions?

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    My solution is heated handle bars and heated gloves. I can only assume mitts for the SC would be a custom job. Have a metal shop build a frame and then someone to build the mitt part.

    I waited till after the winter season and got the heated gear half off.

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    REI and other outdoor manufacturers make something called Pogies for winter mountain biking...not sure if you could retrofit them for a scoot...
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    I think some fabrication of some sort would be needed. I have the worst circulation so keeping my fingers warm is so vital to being safe out there.

    I was talking with the cycle gear guy about the freeze out gloves that they sell. He mentioned that they work to keep heat in but if you don't produce enough heat to your hands the glove liners won't help you out.

    I bought the koso heated unit and they take about 5 mins to come up to heat it seems but the heated gloves heat up quickly.

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    Don't know if you want a large mitt/muff to go over the grips and levers, but if you Google "scooter handlebar muffs" and then click "images" you'll see a lot of options look like they'd work on an Aprilia. I also saw some on the Amazon site when I searched for "handlebar muffs".
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    I've been using these on my DR650 for years. Best $15 I've ever spent. They fit over my hand guards on my Scarabeo 250 also but it's a tight fit. I'd want some kind of hand guard just to keep the mitts from pushing against the brake levers at speed but around town at slower speeds I don't think it would make much difference.

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    I've got these for sale
    $20 plus shipping
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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