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Thread: Immobilizer bypass

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    So I figured it out on my own no thanks to anyone. Which confirmed my original thought on why I don't understand why people won't share the info. It's so simple to bypass the immobilizer that any average bike theif would already know how to bypass it and get your bike started in literally 5 mins. So that is a very dumb excuse to use for not sharing. A hint to everyone, just study the wiring diagram in the maintanence maual. If you still have any doubts PM me and we can talk.

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    Thumbs down wtf?

    General X4688;
    In your 1st post you ask how defeat our security system
    In your 2nd you get pissy because nobody would give you the answer

    We don't know who the fuck you are.......why should we help??????

    I'm the guy that's been sending the blue master key all over the world so members could program
    their Immobilizer to recognize new keys

    If you'd done some research you'd understand how it works........

    Like looking in my sticky at the top of the page, it's all explained

    If you'd looked around you'd find that your local Ace True Value hardware store can clone your key

    Then again genius all you had to is put your old key on your key ring and the Immobilizer would "see" it

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    I too cant get bike to turn over. Bought bike as basket case/ theft recover. Can provide proof of ownership

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    Need help w/ immobilizer: I bought a 2008 RSVR from a insurance comp. I have orig ign.sw. & keys. alot of elec sys missing. I bought used: dash unit, immobilizer.etc. When I turn key on I get dash activity and that's it. If immobilizer is bypassed do I still need the unit plugged in to system?. I Have title to bike. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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