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Thread: Buying a second hand SR50 2016

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    Buying a second hand SR50 2016

    Hi, I'm new here, and am hoping somebody could give me some advice, please.
    Hopefully I will soon be the owner of a 2016 SR50. The ped in question is up for 1200 and has done 4700 miles. It's restricted too, which I'm pleased about as I will be handing over to my daughter in a few months time.
    After looking at the images of the bike I noticed it has some black stuff on the casing. Was going to ask the seller but thought I might get an unbiased opinion here.

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    Thanks for your help
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    the pictures dont work because your brand new here i think. if its restricted why not have a moped for cheap insurance and everything. like a targa/tomos maybe.
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    Can't see pictures but if it's near the front probably.
    Are you sure it's an Sr 50 not a motard? I believe they stopped making the Sr in 2014 and replaced it with the 4 stroke motard.
    Also if you ask me 1200 seems steep but you are in the UK.
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