Hi everyone , this is my first post here ,my name is Ivo
So i have Aprilia Sr50 factory 2009 - around 3000 miles
I check the forum check the 'READ ME FIRST"
but i need specific answer to my question , what is the best option to upgrade the scooter
to make it run faster. Now on flat reach around 49 - 50 miles (probably limited for speed)
Let me explain a bit for me - now i work as construction - 3 years ago i work as car mechanic
as young (16 -17 years old) (now 30) i had couple motorcycles and repair by my self
So i have tools and some knowledge ... But i need advice and direction from where to start
i can do it by my self just need right manual I want to upgrade to Malossi 70cc Big Bore Kit
- anything better possible ?
I have information from here "http://www.scootnfast.com/scooter/Tuning_mods/h2o_big_bore.htm"
Source of the parts : http://www.highgaintuning.com/category_s/22.htm ??
I check in youtube same scooter ,reach 107km/h wich is perfect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs4IZTxRd6k for me i want to make mine to reach
same speed . I already have idea what i have to change ( not very clear with the ECU)
I know only is limited and can be programed or replaced with updated software already (read also for nintendo gameboy programing )
I need to change the cylinder ,piston and some gaskets .. for the weights - i am not clear at all
Also question is is really gonna help if change the exhaust system?
So please give me advice from where and how to start to convert my scooter in usable one to reach around 100km/h
very appreciate will be advice like
1. you have to do this first
2. you have to do this second
3. etc ...

THANK YOU - i hope you understand me all with my not that good english