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Thread: New Leathers!! Whatdya suggest?

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    New Leathers!! Whatdya suggest?

    Hi there, I posted this thread on the other forum but didn't get much traction.

    I'm in the market for new leathers.

    I used to have Motoport but want to step up to leathers.

    The last set of leathers I had I bought at Cyclegear, they were Dianese 2piece that zipped together.

    I really don't know all the bells and whistles or what "I really need". I'm not into bling, I just want something good and repairable (when I crash again,,, not if).

    Someone suggested Z Custom Designs. I also heard there are other leather manufacturers in SoCal. I've not heard of any others.?

    I'm lucky enough to live in SoCal, so I can easily go to them or to the Dianese Store in Orange County.

    I'm also interested in AlpineStart b/c I really don't have a european skinny frame.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Air bag suit or not yet (is the tech ready for real world use), speed hump or not?, Full race leathers or 2piece?

    I really don't want a 1piece b/c with the socal HEAT it may become too restrictive.

    Thx in advance.


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    Z Custom Leathers

    They are nearby, give 'em a call. Adolf is one of the real nice guys in this industry with many decades of experience. Their work is high quality made in USA. I speak from first-hand experience, and several friends own them too. We love the product and love the service!

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    +1! Adolf is a great guy. My first set of leathers from them is over 25 years old and still in good shape. The newer stuff is even better. A custom fit set of leathers is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.
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    Another vote for Z Custom. Adolf is awesome and their suits last and hold up to crashes. I also have an NJK suit. It is very nice as well, and has held up well in crashes.

    I like the designs of the NJK better, but I think the Z fits a little better. NJK armor seems better, but I replaced the shoulder and forearm armor in my Z with Forcefield pieces, and it was excellent.

    If I bought another it most likely be a Z, and I would ship him Forcefield armor to build into it. Both are great though, and have done their job of protecting me very well.

    Here's my Z Custom:

    Here's my NJK:
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    I find my one piece leathers cooler and more comfortable then 2 piece. Reason is, there isn't a zipper, belt, flaps, bulk, etc around your middle, just leather, more perf, and a clean fit.

    I have to agree with the others, because you're local, Z Custom. You might pay a bit more, but you'll end up with a perfect fit and keep them a very long time.

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