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Thread: How do you ride a Guzzi quickly?

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    for street riding
    I really enjoyed the "pace"
    relevant and informative

    just be smart and safe
    I have a "new" 1198 superbike in the garage - I found the rsv4 more civilized and manageable than the duc.....- and on the street / canyons it is simply ridiculous. A lot of fun but also a handful.

    I like the Griso I ride and the new v7 we hope to make road worthy - I enjoy riding a slower bike fast ......just be smart and

    critique yourself after - find experienced and considerate riding partners and realize
    you will catch them in a few seconds in any case ....

    it is ok to be smart and at your limits
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    I owned a 2012 V7R for five years and pushed the hell out of the small block heron head with maybe 40 HP. Its all about being smooth and keeping the pace. The bikes punch above their weight, believe me. You need tolerance for some edge of handling tire and braking and geometry characteristics.

    Bought a new 2017 V7III Special about 2 months ago: massive improvement on the 2012. Ten more hp, and geometry much better for fast cornering. Still breaking in, but at Guzzi factory tour I was very impressed with new engine. ABS brakes and 6 speed tranny help immensely. If you really want to go fast on a Guzzi, get a well sorted Griso big block 4 V. Love these bikes.

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    my uncle had a Guzzi 1200 Sport 2008 (I believe it was an 8V model?), like yourself, it was one of those "slower bikes" that I liked to ride fast, I did find it awkward to ride however like... i needed really long arms ... Orangutan style! and I did find myself getting on the power relatively early upsetting the bike mid exit, actually felt like it oscillated side to side.. I guess thats the characteristics of the bike though?

    I did find it fun to ride fast though, i mean, it was one of those bikes where there was power literally from the get go and the handling for such a heavy bike was pretty damn brilliant, it did run out of revs quick though... but I had at the time been riding my little ZXR400 on the road which has a redline of 15k lol if anything I wouldn't mind owning that bike one day, easy to ride slow and easy to ride fast!

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    Ron at Lakeside on his track bike.....

    Yeah, there's a bit of a back story........
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