I have just got a Carb'd SR50 running for a friend who's son turns 16 at the end of May, its a 2007 model with the piaggio engine and has had a relatively hard life but still looks okay and is nice and straight. Underneath the frame at the front there is an aluminium control box(is it an ECU) which has a connector with 6 wires going into it, this had been spade and choc block lashed so I have soldered tails onto the wires out of the connector and fitted 2 waterproof superseal connectors to tidy everything up. The bike starts and runs first touch of the button, the horn works but I have no lights or indicators. Is this possibly something I have done or something else that could be giving me an issue? I couldn't get the bike to start before i tidied up the wiring so don't know if the lights worked before or not.