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Thread: Still italian?

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    Still italian?

    I was astonished to find that the MSRP of the 2009 RS50 was $3099, and the 2016 is $2099!

    I can't conceive of any cost-cutting methods that could drop the price of this bike by $1000 EXCEPT moving the manufacture from Italy to China or wherever.

    Does anyone know more about this? This MSRP is now the same as a Chinese-built Piaggio Typhoon.

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    The 2009 is a 2 stroke legend. The 2016 is an air cooled 4 stroke turd with a rear drum brake. Exactly the same as the Typhoon, just different stickers. (If you mean SR not RS)
    2009 SR 50 Factory
    Malossi 70cc BBK
    Malossi HPC Crankshaft
    Stage6 Waterpump Impeller
    Arrow Extreme Pipe
    Malossi VL 13
    Ecu De-restricted 2.8.0
    7 Gram Dr. Pulley Sliders
    Stage6 Soft Contra Spring
    Water Trap
    RS 24/10
    Stage6 260mm Front Brake
    Stage6 Torque Control MKII 107mm
    Stage6 R/T Clutch Bell 460g
    Malossi Special Belt
    Malossi E5 Air Filter
    Fuelab 535 FPR
    Glowshift Dual Needle Gauge
    Stock Gears Installed

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    AND Chinese! I'll keep the '09!!!

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