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Thread: 2009 SR50 Derestriction

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    2009 SR50 Derestriction

    Hi, I have researched the whole Gameboy Derestriction ECU-Rewrite procedure, but what bothers me is that they all talk about derestricting a 2005 SR50 model. I have a *2009* model ("S2 Factory"), and wish to know if anyone has any specific information on how this Gameboy derestrictioning procedure might be done to an '09, not an '05. Thanks. I will need a Gameboy and a cartridge and a cable to do this job, so message me if you have some to sell.

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    If you have a fuel injected bike, we're in the wrong sub forum, this is for carbed SR's. Do a little more research and you'll find that the gameboy cartridge is nearly impossible to find. If you do find one, it'll be around $600 or more. Head on over to the Ditech side and you can find a couple threads (that are very recent) on who can derestrict it for you. You have to work for it! (Just kidding, William the Third can do it for a very reasonable price, PM him for a quicker response)
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