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Thread: 2012 SR50R - Tuning recommendations

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    2012 SR50R - Tuning recommendations

    Hi All,

    I am a new member of the Aprilia club, nice to be here and chat with you all.

    I have been reading the forum and trying to learn about tuning my new little scoot for about a month now.

    Your contributions have been most helpful in helping me plan my tuning strategy and I would like to extend my gratitude to members as I have found the forum really informative, so thank you.

    Ok, my situation:-

    Public transport sucks my state, Train/Bus is horrible and I have handed over more cash to uber than I have in my bank account at the moment, so the objective is to change that.

    I can ride a 50cc on my car licence, I have been riding a Chinese scoot for awhile now but it's not a reliable sport/street tuning platform. It's got me by until now but it's time to move on and frankly, Fred Flintstone has better brakes.

    Enter the best scooter I can afford, a used 3000K/1850mile 2012 Aprilia SR50 R, currently stock, not sure if it's carb model as I pick it up tomorrow, suspect it is as I am in Australia and they stopped importing the Ditechs to Oz (due to cost I think).

    So I need a reliable daily rider to get me too and from work (16kms/10miles) per day.

    Not too worried about top end, it would be nice to get to 80km/50mph but really want to be quick off the line and responsive through from 0 to 60km/38mph.

    I have used and like the malossi products previously, I have a malossi variator on my current scoot that performs well.

    As a result, I was thinking about the Malossi multivar 2000 plus a pipe, I see the Leo Vince stuff gets a few good reviews but some of the forum questions are now a few years old and was wondering if there have been any new product releases since then that you would recommend. Anyone tried the Malossi flip or Tecnigas?

    I suspect I will end up with a Malossi cast iron 70cc kit installed in the end but thinking it would be cost effective if some or all of the parts were able to be used in that upgrade if needed. I read the molossi kit does not involve a crank upgrade or machining and I would prefer not too go as far as changing the crank on such a low mileage scoot if I can avoid it.

    Would really Appreciate any input you have, thank you.
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