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Thread: My SR50 R 2013 throttle problem

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    My SR50 R 2013 throttle problem


    im new to the whole tuning of the 50cc. I know a decent amount at the moment but not enough lol. I have an Aprilia SR50 R fuel injected model 2013 and it has been derestricted, has the Leo vince rollers in there (not sure of size they came with exhaust) and also has a leovince TT sport exhaust. I have a new CDI in it (de restricted) and also got malossi sponge in the air box ( probably makes no difference)

    anyways, I was on my friends SR50 R 2016 earlier today and his throttle seems a lot more loose than mine. With my throttle I got to give it a good pull (it's more like riding a 4 stroke) but with his bike it's loose and feels nicer to pull back. (Like an actual 2stroke should) I've looked everywhere for solutions and don't know what to do? After going on his bike it feels so much nicer to ride.

    P.s - his bike has an arrow exhaust and rollers -- he had them fitted in a shop and I don't really want to spend money in the shop for them to sort my throttle when I could do it myself.

    please help, cheers

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    Welcome to the forum! This section is for the carbed models. Follow me to the DiTech (fuel injected) section!
    2009 SR 50 Factory
    Malossi 70cc BBK
    Malossi HPC Crankshaft
    Stage6 Waterpump Impeller
    Arrow Extreme Pipe
    Malossi VL 13
    Ecu De-restricted 2.8.0
    7 Gram Dr. Pulley Sliders
    Stage6 Soft Contra Spring
    Water Trap
    RS 24/10
    Stage6 260mm Front Brake
    Stage6 Torque Control MKII 107mm
    Stage6 R/T Clutch Bell 460g
    Malossi Special Belt
    Malossi E5 Air Filter
    Fuelab 535 FPR
    Glowshift Dual Needle Gauge
    Stock Gears Installed

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