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Thread: What modifications are recommended for the 2014 Sr 50 r?

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    If you would've said the slots in the torque driver are c-shaped, that would've cleared up some misunderstanding. I agree with almost everything you've said, except nobody on this forum or anyone I know has ever put in heavier rollers to improve acceleration.
    2009 SR 50 Factory
    Malossi 70cc BBK
    Malossi HPC Crankshaft
    Stage6 Waterpump Impeller
    Arrow Extreme Pipe
    Malossi VL 13
    Ecu De-restricted 2.8.0
    7 Gram Dr. Pulley Sliders
    Stage6 Soft Contra Spring
    Water Trap
    RS 24/10
    Stage6 260mm Front Brake
    Stage6 Torque Control MKII 107mm
    Stage6 R/T Clutch Bell 460g
    Malossi Special Belt
    Malossi E5 Air Filter
    Fuelab 535 FPR
    Glowshift Dual Needle Gauge
    Stock Gears Installed

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    i appoligize. its not your fault.
    i have been on atleast 7 to 12 other forums on various hobbies and i wipe the floor with their most respected and authoritive many times. yes i have to allways start at the beginning like you. i welcome discussion with open arms. i learn stuff everyday and 80 percent of what im saying is duplicat of others all ready know!

    i think your one hell of a good student. if you have questions msg me or start a thread perhaps. i would love to be more humble but that would be foolish
    --- diploma for engine repair in 2012 --- powder coat painting --- porting and polishing/ceramic ---
    --- custom parts and machining ---

    -derbi bullet 2006 - piaggio AC - malossi torque driver half - custom GPS dash - TPR 70CC - topperf crank - vl13 reed and spacer- yamaha rt180 kickstand - giannelli shotV4 - phbg 21mm - doppler mesh top venturi filter - TTO temp gauge

    -1992 lt250r suzuki quadracer - new and improved

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