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Thread: RF vs RF LE ??

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    RF vs RF LE ??

    Aprilia just posted two variations of the RF, $1000 apart in MSRP. There isn't anything explicit on their website identifying the differences. Anyone know?

    RF $20,999
    RF LE $21,999

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    Maybe the le is the limited run and the RF is the 'production' model.
    All this talk about 500 units and a few of you guys were a little confused I seem to remember.There were a limited run of 200 and there was confusion with this no?
    Im sure amauri might know...

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    My guess is the LE is last years limited and numbered model with CF bits and the RF is this years model minus the numbering and CF bits.
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    and the new RF has a .105 spring in the rear ohlins I believe, the previous RF LE has the .95...

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    The colours are slightly different on the front fairing Silver strip instead of red and also strips in Italian colours on the tank.
    The AMP module is standard also for the MP data stuff also. This is on the RF

    The limited edition thing I don't think means a dime.

    Way up if you want to spend an extra 1000 for carbon or buy the latest RF and spend the extra on carbon..

    In Europe last week they had an offer with free Akro slip on and moto GP guest tickets etc on the RF

    Shame I just bought one or I would have changed the bike..

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