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Thread: Axle Screw tightening effort - have I ballsed up?

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    Exclamation Axle Screw tightening effort - have I ballsed up?

    I've not been using my Fut much after getting help here, initially to sort out charging issues and also to check FQD was safe.

    Am hoping to take the bike loaded up for a trip to North Wales and back this weekend, so got back on the case of researching the last key thing; the hub nut torque/axle screw.

    My Futura came without the tool kit, but I found a 22mm Hex tool on ebay and set about checking the torque of the axle screw on the sprocket side.

    First of all, it was well torqued and took some muscle to loosen it off and there's no play in the rear axle when the rear wheel is raised.

    Feeling assured, I replaced the main axle screw and torqued it to 150Nm as per the workshop manual then came to replace the three little safety screws. I was surprised that they too needed to be tightened to 150Nm (seemed like a lot for a little screw!), but that's definitely what it says here:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RearAxle_FinalDriveRemoval_7.4.1_1.jpg 
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    I figured I'd do my best and set about trying to tighten them up as best I can.

    I didn't get anywhere near 150Nm as a big torque wrench with 2 adapters to be able to use the little hex bit on the end made for lots of play and not much progress. I switched back to my little socket wrench and started to tighten one of the screws a little bit more and the head sheared off!

    So, is that it? Is the bike best left in the garage until the screw can be drilled out and fixed, or will the remaining two safety screws be OK (NB the long one is still there). Is 150Nm a typo? 15Nm seems too little mind.


    Please tell me it's not the catastrophe it seems right now!

    I'm off to drown my sorrows


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    The long one is the security one.
    150Nm is a typo!
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    Hi slyV,

    So it's ok for now? I can ride it and get it fixed later?


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    Yes, it's very confusing, the little screws should just be snug. Did the long one break? The two short are for decoration, the long one is supposed to fit into one of the axle splines to keep hub nut from rotating. If the long one is broken in there you will need to get it out before you can do anything with the hub nut. If you got the proper torque on the large nut it should be fine but you should address that asap after your trip. I was able to find titanium screws on ebay to replace the long one which bent on mine. When you get hub nut to proper torque use a smaller hex or a piece of wire to see which hole goes deepest, that's where the long screw would go.
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