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Thread: fuel tank fun

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    fuel tank fun

    Finally got at my refurbish job on the tank.

    New hoses, clamps, filter and level sender, the pump plate is ready.

    I knew the Caswell stuff was gonna take some work to get smooth and flat. Itís designed to be a bit runny so you can coat the inside of the tank. To keep it from running all over the place, I had to use tape on both inside and outside the tank. The result was a large meniscus at the edges where surface tension allowed the stuff to climb the tape. I managed to keep it out of the screw holes with cotton swabs dipped in vaseline..

    For the flattening, I tried files a 1st. That would work, but would have taken hours. I then went to my cabinet scrapers. yep, canít have too many tools. lol. My longest, straight card scraper did a really nice, quick job of flattening out the goo. This repair is thicker than the last repair done with quick setting Devcon Flexwelder as I wasnít able to just fill the hollowed out spots. but this should give that thin plastic at the bottom of the tank some additional support.

    It only has to be truly flat inside the screw holes as thatís where the ring makes itís seal.

    Just have to wait a few weeks now to let that stuff fully cure. will probably do a final sand with some 220 paper to remove any scratches left by the scraper.

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    Nice work!
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    fuel tank fun

    Looking good, Rick!!
    Twinz - John
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    Hopefully the hoses won't pop off and strand me somewhere. Kinda wish the connection to the pump plate has a raised flange.

    Probably also gonna give those clamps a wee extra squeeze in a few weeks as well.

    With luck, I'll never se the inside of this tank again.

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