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Thread: Check your rear wheel hub (Factory)

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    Checked during first service 16.5 RF all tight.

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    For aprc mounting
    First, I found the rear wheel sensor.
    I think I'm screwed.
    My hub is broken.
    The bolts are slightly loosened and the hub bolt holes increased.
    I was sad for a while. I widened one bolt hole in each position and put a bolt to fit the height so that it did not move
    Let's order and wait.
    The Korean part list is missing item 23 (why ??)
    What is the motive for selling a wheel?
    The aprilia superstore has a number 23 entry in the part list
    Ask a Korean dealer and if you can not order it, I will have to order it at the aprilia superstore
    I am very grateful that this post will not make my bike worse.


    I used Google Translate
    Please read it.
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    I think you could drill out the holes and tap (thread) them for a slightly larger bolt. Cannot hurt to try.

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    Drill and tap.
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    Add me to the list of owners that had this happen. 2014 Factory, about 5,500 miles. I recently converted to a 520 setup, not sure if that contributed. I was prepping for a track day tomorrow, cleaning my chain, and I heard some rattling. After trying to adjust the chain, thinking it was misaligned, I removed the wheel and rear sprocket carrier and found a hub bolt that had backed all the way out. All but 2-3 were hand loose, and had little if any loctite. There were a few that felt gummy when removed so a couple did have some loctite.

    I used a bunch of Permatex blue gel thread locker on the bolts and also put a little in the holes for good measure, then torqued it all down again.

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    Getting ready for a track day in a few weeks. Oil/filter change, standard maintenance items, checked the rear wheel hub bolts. 4500(ish) miles, and mine are all still tight.
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    I'm checking mine this Friday. I'll have, by then, roughly 4000 on the clock and am wanting to avoid any of these issues.

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    Everything was tight. I removed, cleaned, then blue loctited each back in place

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