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Thread: Teknic -going out of business?

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    Teknic -going out of business?


    I've seen this mentioned on a couple of different forums but can't confirm it.
    The teknic website seems to be dead and there are many vendors offering pretty big closeout deals on Teknic gear

    I see that Revzilla is one such place as well as

    Personally, I've had a couple pair of Teknic gloves over the years and they've always held up pretty well.

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    Damn, I don't know if they are or not, but I have a 2-piece Teknic set and love it. Saved me twice from some rash. When I bought the gear at Mid-Ohio last year from the Teknic truck, they didn't sound too happy with the way things were going, so maybe they finally folded?

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    It's always sad to see a good company go under. I have a pair of Teknic boots, & love them.

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    Had a Teknic jacket and pants on when I was hit by a car, not a single scratch on me, although a broken leg!

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    Looks to be so, bummer.

    I got a good deal on a new jacket though.
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    That sucks if true - I have had several gloves, boots jackets and 2-piece suits over the years and they held up well including 2 crashes on he track. Always thought they were a good choice for the money. The only item I ever felt wasn't up to snuff was a rainsuit that didn't keep me dry.
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    Motrcycle closeouts only has a size 52 1pc suit. No other sizes. However if that's your size, its only $249. Good deal.
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    I decided to pull the trigger last night and got a 46 off revzilla last night, $800 for the Xcelerator race suit.

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    Bummer, I really liked my gloves, jacket, and suit from them. Always seemed to a be a good solid product.
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