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Thread: Definition of racing and insurance underwriters

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    Definition of racing and insurance underwriters

    Hopefully there is an insurance underwriter on here who reads this and can reply with logic. Ok, maybe that is asking for too much.

    Anyway, my insurance states that damages obtained while racing are not covered. This includes both motorcycle and health for me. Does anyone know from a legal perspective if track days are considered racing to an insurance underwriter? Yes, you are on a race track but not really racing right? I already asked the insurance company and they can't give me a straight answer. The last answer I got was any activity on a designated race track puts me out of coverage, but they didn't sound too sure.

    If track days and racing schools like Code are not covered by insurance, does anyone have any recommendations for insurance providers who will issue a policy while on a race track? Maybe I just sell my 08 RSV Factory to pay it off and pay cash for a track bike to avoid bike insurance, but easier said than done.

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    A friend of mine insured his trackbike with Foremost Insruance last year. He said they were the only ones willing to put into writing that trackdays and schools were covered. Might be worth checking out.

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    Definition of racing and insurance underwriters

    For track days and schools it used to be "non-timed" events were covered. That was what the gecko used. Some of our local racers buy supplemental insurance from the duck for extra coverage.

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    You could lay it down and bring it home. Call insurance and say you crashed around a corner. Right? I have progressive and so do all the guys I go to the track with. I know so,e of them have gone down and now have new bikes. Check me out. Track days are not illegal or improper racing nor above and beyond the scope of what a motorcycle can be used for. Ride on!

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    No offense, but the above would be fraud. Now I know there's an argument that the insurance company is in it for the money, and they never lose... but get caught and for me it wouldn't be worth it. YMMV, as they say.

    I had State Farm a few years ago specifically because they would cover track days, considering it instructional. But they changed their policy later, saying I would not be covered. I shopped around again, and none of the major carriers do either, including Progressive, who I'm with currently.
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    An activity doesn't have to be illegal to be uninsurable. What makes coverage for riding on the track problematic are the fact that track days and classes are closed-course, where the standards of reasonable behavior are different and arcane, (i.e., it can be harder to determine whether the mishap was caused by your own misbehavior), and the waiver of liability with the track and other participants that one typically has to sign. If you promise someone you'll let him off the hook if he causes a loss, your insurer is off the hook for it, too. Makes perfect sense if you think about it.
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    I know the porsche club is VERY specific about their performance DRIVING school and the way they explain things during the classroom portion. I'm pretty sure it has to do with insurance.

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    Most insurance only covers you on roadways open to the public however once you are in a non-public area they can require Comprehensive coverage be added to the policy to provide continued coverage. A parking lot may be considered a public area however they can define the track itself as a non-public area requiring additional coverage.

    If the insurance company has noted a high amount of claims for what appears to be damage from racing they may start cracking down. The insurance adjusters were not born yesterday and usually know whats going on and what one claims adjuster may let slip by today the rest may not be willing to tomorrow.

    Intentionally try to commit fraud and that opens a can of worms. If you get caught it is not worth it. It takes a lifetime to build a good name for yourself but just a moment to blow it all away.

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    If you don't have it specifically in writing then it's not covered. This has been discussed endlessly on another forum im on. Some insurers are vague on whether or not they cover trackdays or schools but in the end if it's not specifically stated that you're covered in that case you're likely to get denied should you ever need to use your policy because of an incident on track. Since it most likely isn't spelled out in your policy documents the only thing you can do is have them answer you in writing with a yes or no. Whatever you do, DON"T trust anything spoken. I got burned a couple years ago because my agent told me my trailer was fully covered only to have the dumb bitch reverse her story after I got into a wreck. I ended up eating the cost of a brand new $6k trailer that day.
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    It specifically varies with your Insurer, Policy, and state. you need to go over this with your agent in detail, and understand how it's written on your policy.. if it's not clear in your policy, have your agent clarify it in writing - it's that simple.

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    So only one insurance company listed as a possible alternative. I've got the gecko and most everyone knows what that policy states. Haven't seen anything about health insurance. Latest edition of the AMA magazine had a statement about more healthcare providers dropping coverage of ANY motorcycle related injuries as of Jan 1, 2013.

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    Progressive says that a 'closed course' , be it a trackday, riding school, non timed event, whatever, you're at a racetrack... it's a CLOSED's not covered... but, Anthem BC/BS did take care of my 10 day stay at UAB Med Center and related injuries...
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    I am not an underwriter but have had 30 years working within the General insurance industry. Most policies have a clause regarding the non disclosure of a material fact whereby a material fact is deemed to be information that may have a bearing on the risk accepted. In other words if you do not tell them specificaly that you intend to use it for track days they can refuse your claim. This is a general get up for insurers that they dont normally invoke but can if they think you are taking the mick. Also many policies have specific limitations ie on road use only. Worth having a look. If I was put on the spot Id bet money its not covered.

    As for taking it home and pretending it was done on the road. Its fraud and could be easy to prove if they investigated. They do this for a living and most people working at their job for some time can smell a rat.
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