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Thread: Chain?

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    I don't get my bike until Tuesday so I have a lot of time to sit around and wonder things like "what kind of chain does the mille have?"

    Does anyone have the specs on the chain? Is it x-ring? Maker? etc... I can't seem to find it in the owners manual anywere. To be honest I forgot to check it at the store when I was drooling over the body work.


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    Mayor McMatt

    re: Chain?

    I'm too lazy right now to go and look at my bike, but I can tell you that the Mille chain is an O-ring type, 525 and has 108 links in it.

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    Stock chain on my 2000 R is 'DID 525 HV'.
    I have 7,300 fairly hard miles on it, with no
    indication of excessive wear yet. Clean
    and lube it every ride (appx 300- 400 miles)
    with Maxima Wax. I plan on replacing it with
    new DID ERV at appx 10,000 - 12,000 miles,
    as a maintenance precaution.

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    Re: Chain

    kinda sad that all you can think about is the chain!!!
    What about its looks or the polished frame and banana swing arm, those blue OZ wheels, ohlins suspenders, brembos, all the carbon, sexy back light, need i say more.......... unless of course you got the base model, then i suppose the chain will have to do,(only joking- all mille's look ace) by the way the DID 525 HV is an X-ring chain

    P.S. saw a ducatti 999 in the flesh today - what an ugly piece of agricultural engineering, may be it will be ok when they finish putting it together?????

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    Hey thanks for the info guys! I just have to sit here and look at the pictures of your bikes will I dream about mine.

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