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Thread: Frame sliders

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    RSVR 02

    Frame sliders

    I have seen them but I don't know what they are for...could someone shed a little light over here and let me know?

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    ed apriliaforum com

    other countries call them "crash bobbins, magic mushrooms, crash sliders, frame protectors"

    they are plastic about 30-45mm in diamter and usually bolt directly to the frame somewhere. In the event of a crash, they help protect the bike from damage. They touch the ground and grind down first. They wont save all the the damage, but they help.

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    RSVR 02

    Thanks for the info. Sounds like a good form of cheap insurance.

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    max mille

    ok those are cool. any first hand experiences how they hold up? I know of one person who had the kind where the slider itself threaded in and it simply popped off on a dump. not good. personally, I've had a slider hold up but the mounting stud bent backwards and cracked the fairings anyways!

    are those from the UK? got a link or other info? top block sounds familiar and don't they have a whole kit (matching bar ends + frame sliders)


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    max mille

    oops, more. also these lower sliders might stick out too far causing clearance problems either ground or against your shins? I guess you could chamfer them a bit for the former but kinda' stuck on the latter. unless you trim down the spacer part? talk to me. I sure coulda' used sliders last weekend but just couldn't wait to take the bike out and paying the price in rashed parts already.

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    That style shown is made by a couple of people. I find that they hit your shins when your walking the back backwards, in the riding position they haven't bothered me and I amd 6'2" with long legs. I have heard that these type tend to tip the bike forward during a lowside and cause the front end of the bike to take the bulk of the impact (radiators, headlight faing, ram air tubes) someone out there makes some that come through the fan area, but you have to drill through the fairing. This is probably a better impact point. Combined with the ones shown is probably the best bet. The ultimate crash protection would be those mentioned above with bar ned sliders and swingarm sliders. Whats nice about the bar end and swingarm sliders is that they come in black plastic like the frame sliders or you can get anodized aluminum ones (check out the forum or e-mail me,

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    max mille


    thanks for the info milleman1. I also seen those mokos (denmark?) that mount on brackets and stick out mid-fairing. time ran out for me & this weekend so ordered the intuitives from the forum but when return will continue to go crazy with mille mods (also ordered those "revised" r&g uppers but not expecting to receive them for months). I went down on the rights side already and the stock bar end got rashed and slightly cocked. might as well keep 'em for now? will try to straighten it out some.

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    DRB NW WA State USA

    The "someone out there" with sliders that come through the fairing is Moko.

    They are carried by Sports-MC in Copenhagen, for sure. I installed mine immediately after purchase of my '00 (in '00). I've never tested them. Drilling the fairings is a downer, but they look sharp when installed.

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    Todd Ross also has a set of uppers. Custom milled, bolt to the upper front engine mount (replace bolt) and require cutting of the mid (side) panel in the duct area. Haven't tested them yet...

    Safe trips,

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