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Thread: Who are the Capo-Norde owners in the USA?

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    micah apriliaforum com

    Who are the Capo-Norde owners in the USA?

    I have heard that there are approximately 30 Capo-Nordes pre-sold nationally of the 150 or so that should arrive late fall. Who are you? What are you riding now? What attracts you to a 100 bhp dirt-bike? Post any thoughts right here so other soon to be owners can meet and greet each other and plan some winter riding for die hard dual sport guys and gals. If you are in the south then Big Bend or Mexico should be on our itinerary for the winter...the farther you go south the warmer it gets...

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    Gerard McDonnell

    Well, I suppose I'm one of them. And I can't wait.
    I'm in Alaska at the moment and I'm a KTM 640 AdventureR owner. I've had the bike since '99, love it but unfortunately I'm unimpressed with KTM's service. Seeing as I HOPE to be travelling around the world at some point I thought it best to choose a bike/company that wouldn't have me stranded for several months while waiting for basic parts (a clutch cable for instance...although thank God something like that is easy to manufacture oneself). Sorry KTM. Call me when you get your act together. I can't imagine the service on their bigger 'yet to be released' LC8 being any better. I'm an avid adventure tourer. And sorry that such a wonderful bike is so poorly supported. But moving on, the Capo-Norde's specs are impressive. But have Aprilia ever got it wrong? I think not. Sounds like they have concentrated once again on performance and to boot this time, extreme long distance riding comfort. Sounds like an exciting ride from a bigger machine that's not _THAT_ much heavier than the AdventureR. Admittedly it's not as dirty as the the KTM. But all the same I can't wait to throw the leg over this one. I'll just have to look for 'better' roads.
    Roll on the holy hour.
    An Irishman in Alaska

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    micah apriliaforum com

    I saw a Performance Bikes article yesterday that placed the Capo-Norde's horsepower at almost 100 to the rear tire. This could indeed be very interesting.

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    Gerard McDonnell

    "Performance Bikes" is that mag in the US? Would like to read the article as the # of articles on the bike are somewhat limited. It's my understanding that there are 3 of these bikes in the states at the moment. 1 for the iorn butt competition and the other 2 being tested by some motorcycle mag crowd in Arizona.

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    micah apriliaforum com

    Your sources are correct at least on the Arizona part I think. Performance Bikes magazine is based out of the UK but is available at finer booksellers across the country (Barnes and Noble, Bookpeople, Hastings Records, Virgin stores...etc

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    Gerard McDonnell

    The front Brakes???? Inadequate?

    Well, I must say reading the Motorcycle Mag first ride review concerns me. Apparently the front breaks are inadequate. Are Aprilia working on this? I hope so, sounds like a serious flaw. I was surprised that the writer just sort of mentioned in a passing sort of fashion...sort of.. by the way... the front brakes are hopeless. "?????"

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    None are available in the USA. December is the likely arrival time.

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    I will get one of the first when it arrives. I leave in New Jersey and work for Lexus. I love this bike. My hardest decision is what color. They will be available in silver, blue and red. Anybody have an opinion?

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    Hans vd Hoek

    What color to choose

    Red. Like mine :-)
    Oh! One more thing; the front breaks inadequate? Not in my book! Very good feeling in it and more the enough stopping power.

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    Hans Caponord

    I would really appreciate your opinions of and experiences on your caponord. my e-mail is Thanks Hans
    P.S. any comments on your bike. No one in the USA has ridden one

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    front brakes inadequate I think NOT

    grab the front brake on a caponord, and the vehicle
    will stop in a hurry

    grab the front brake harder and the vehicle will
    flip over forwards

    given the above, how dare anyone complain
    about the brakes. they AREN'T race bike brakes, but they outperform MOST brakes on the market
    and are certainly adquate for the job the caponord
    will do.

    trust me, for a dualie bike, you do NOT want quick grabby front brakes. you want a little room for the
    -feel- factor...the caponord is expect to be run on loose surfaces and you do NOT want racebike brakes

    get a caponord then upgrade brakes later if the
    originals prove to be -inadequate-

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    Capo Nord Sighting!

    Scuderia West in San Francisco had a red Capo
    Nord on their showroom floor the last time I
    stopped by, that'd be Friday July 13th. Don't
    ask me how or where they got it, all I know is I sat on 'em @ (415)621-7223. As
    far as I know they are #1 in US Aprilia sales
    so that might be part of the reason?

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    Gerard McDonnell

    Re: Capo sighting

    Cheers for the heads up R. Gave them a call and it seems that it's a demo one only. Only available for viewing. Not to be purchased or test ridden. It was a press release model test ridden by the media and S managed to get their hands on it.
    Well spotted. Thanks, Gerard.

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    micah apriliaforum com

    Re: Capo sighting

    Good Eye! Shame about the no test rides part...I have personally met Don, the owner of Scuderia and can report he is a first class guy. He is also the #1 Aprilia dealer in the USA and a great option for our left coast viewers.

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    Seen but no ride :(

    Was NOT going to buy a bike new again as I thought no one was going to make my dream bike. WRONG. Thanks Aprilia. Saw the demo bike at Scuderia. Red pretty. (Wonders how much of a pain to keep clean) Humm maybe the Silver... Put a deposit down. I'm 4th or 5th in line for one of the 20 or so they've ordered. If BMW could make the twin a V and not mount it sideways I'd have looked at the GS1150.

    The bike has all the stuff the reviews say. I just can't verify the ride and I won't part with my money until I do.

    The only question I had for any owners out there is what is she like of pavement. Fire trails, two tracks, etc. I know it's not meant for real off road but just want an idea of how badly she runs in such stuff.


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