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Thread: Color Code

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    Color Code

    I had the Aprilia SR50 2009 model the orange version.
    Is there anyone to find get a hold of the paint?
    I want to paint my car the same color.

    Aprilia SR50R Piaggio Carb 2009 ORANGE

    Malossi MHR Replica 70cc
    Malossi 22mm Dellorto Carburettor
    Malossi Delta Clutch
    Polini Super Speed 9 Roller Variator
    Yasuni R

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    try this friend, its listed under the tech tips thread for sr50 paint codes by af1
    2009 SR50R Factory diablo white

    Currently getting the HGT replica WORKS!

    2002 SR50 Ditech Haga SBK replica
    70cc malossi BBK w/ecu
    blue aprilia 7075 ergal bolt kit
    blue aprilia 7075 ergal bar ends
    malossi delta clutch
    malossi reed block
    Aprilia Paoli adjustable shock
    Installed Pussy Magnet

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    I just posted a reply but added it to MeepMeep's reference rather than this thread. Maybe a moderator can switch it back to this thread so I don't look like such an idiotboy.
    '07 SR50 Factory (Morini) - ZMR7AP gapped to .035
    Leo Vince ZXR, 7.75 gram Dr. Pulley sliders,
    ECU: 2.8.2 Developmental via Gameboy; Malossi Multivar with white contra spring
    Norgren F07-200-M1TA soon
    Malossi special belt (Morini) (P/N 6111295)
    86+ km/hr on speedo untucked, flat road as best I can tell.

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