I bought my BV 250 in December 2011. It has already gone through the 600miles maintenance. The next scheduled maintenance, according to the book, is at 3,000 miles and it only includes checking the brakes, lubricate centre stand, and checking the oil (something like that). The scheduled maintenance after that is at 6,000 miles and has a lot more things required to do.

Now, I would much prefer not to have to go to the dealer to do the 3,000 mile maintenance. I mean, I can check the oil and probably could learn to lubricate the centre stand. Now, I don't know how to check the brakes though. What does one need to do for that? I already have 1,700 miles on the scooter and it's not hard to go another 1,300 miles more since the scooter is my only vehicle. And, is it all that necessary to check the brakes at 3,000 miles or could I skip that and have it performed at the 6,000 miles mark?