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Thread: I love my "03" Tuono!

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    I love my "03" Tuono!

    I have a 2003 Tuono & a 2009 Guzzi Griso. Have had trouble getting used to the Guzzi so last year when I had trouble with the Tuono(Fuel pump)I made up my mind & let it sit & used the Guzzi all year. By the end of the season I came to terms with the Griso. Got on the Tuono a couple of weeks ago & realized how much I missed it!! The Griso is kool but there is nothing like the gen 1 Tuonos!!! I "murdered" it out this past year(It was red). All black & carbon fiber. The kids love it(I'm 63)I'm not sure.

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    I just recently fell for my '04 again...tossed a set of new Dunlop Q2's on, and what a difference new, sticky tires make. My gf steals it from my garage now it handles so nice. To think I have tossed around the idea of selling her...have fun man!
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