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Thread: Few questions reguarding our bikes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aprilia sr50 02 View Post
    Well I've done about 2000 k's with the Leo vince ZX-R exhaust. I'm not really sure how many hrs but it would be a fair few.
    OK, what you may want to do is purchase some good quality Silencer Packing material... The Service Manual recommends that the packing be "...replaced every 50 hours of run-time..." . In reality, pretty much all of us go a lot longer then that... The time most of us check/replace it is when we notice an increase in noise from the pipe.

    Once you got it in, remove and inspect the packing in the Silencer (WEAR GLOVES!!!!). Under that layer, you should/may find a wrapping of steel wool (unless it's been "cooked off"). If needed, it too will have to be replaced.

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    I didn't think I got a manual from the shop that put it in. I might have to check on the Leo vince website or something for some instructions, thanks Tim.
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    I hate packing silencers. Like Tim said. Wear gloves, I would also suggest a mask as well.

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    Is it easy to remove metal flange from carbon fiber body on a zx-r?
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