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Thread: Problem suggestions please

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    Problem suggestions please

    Hey all new to the forum and bought my first aprilia a month ago nice silver 03 futura

    was going well until a week ago bike cut out on me and flashed the word off on the display and didn't want to restart put into diagnostic mode and its code was 1 looked that up and it says nothing wrong or cant detect a problem
    so went thru a few checks to see what makes the off flash on the dash and it seems to be when you try and pull away when the side stands down so thinking bypassing the side stand switch might cure this problem as a few people have recommended to do any way
    some one else thinks i may be the tilt sensor because its done it twice going up a hill (but not on the same hill twice) but no clue

    has this happened to any one else ? bike runs fine then all of a sudden bike dies and off is displayed on dash and wont restart again until bike is in neutral even if you pull the clutch in ?

    thanks in advance for any help

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    Pretty sure it is the side stand switch. Start the engine and select a gear with clutch handle in and then kick out the side stand.
    I think you get the same OFF in the display doing this.

    I opened up my side stand switch and filled it with fresh grease.
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    Happened to me yesterday at the Piazza Italia in Horsham - pulled up to let the missus off and left bike in gear with side stand down, engine cut-out, OFF appeared on right hand display.

    Defo check your side stand switch. Renewed mine about a year ago as bike was cutting out on a run. Took the old one off and there were only a couple of strands holding the lead together. I think the problem is strain on the lead because of it's run to the connector. (it could do with being a bit longer!)

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