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Thread: rattling noise from transmission

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    rattling noise from transmission

    lo everyone,

    my dad recently got his SR50#R (55 plate), carb'd model, back on the road after sitting for about a year n a half.

    What we've noticed is there is a rattling noise coming from the transmission. We took the cover off, noticed the fan on the variator is sitting very loose and also is cracked in one place, (doesn't look like anything is broken off though). Rattling this about creates a similar effect to what we're hearing, but also so did the starter gear where it lunges out and engages. We packed the starter gear with some grease to make a bit smoother, although it did function properly. Put the cover back on and its still doing it, which leaves me to beleive its the plastic fan on the flywheel.

    Is this important? I mean, how hot does it get in there? Worth buying another one online or is it ok to just take it out? Or has anyone had a similar experience and know for definite what it is?



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    Replace it, it cool's the transmission area and circulate the air, without one you're possibly not going to do any damage but parts will definitely ware out faster.

    Im pretty sure there's also there for some sort off balancing but not 100% sure about that.

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