Hi All,

First day on the forum, been a sports bike owner the majority of my biking life, owner a CBR400 baby Blade after passing my test some 10 years ago, since then had a Ducati 748, ZX9R and a T595 Triumph.

Having been more than fed up with the troubles of owning these 90s sports bikes I thought it was time to upgrade and get something almost new !!! Too tight to face the devaluation of a new bike

After searching around originally planning to go for a newer sports bike I stumbled accross a 2010 SL750GT Shiver in a local bike dealer, it has 4800 miles and has just had a full Aprilia dealer service. The bike looked new it was in such clean condition, dont think its ever seen a wet road. Anyway they had it up for 4395. The bike really caught my eye and after trying it for size I went away to gen up on the Shiver.

The next day (yesterday) I was back and purchased it for 4295 which I think is a pretty good deal, they even went to the post office and taxed it for me so I could take it home then and there.

Done about 70 miles on it so far and its great. I love the ride height and position, the after market screen is ace. I want to get a rear hugger so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Looking forward to taking it to the IOM TT in June, will be tons more comfy than the old T595

Anyway here she is.

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