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Thread: 96 peg exhaust

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    96 peg exhaust

    Hi all, I am after a new exhaust for my 96 peg. What are my options as there only seems to be predator system available. Do any other systems or end cans fit

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    New, I think the choice might be a bit limited these days. I did see a set of the Predator cans NOT sell on an ebay auction recently for 140, so might pay to keep an eye out on there. Do a search on the forum as I seem to think I saw something about alternative silencers a while back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgerroger View Post
    Hi all, I am after a new exhaust for my 96 peg. What are my options as there only seems to be predator system available. Do any other systems or end cans fit
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    Exhaust Bodge

    Was given a warning at my annual mot re a crack in left hand link pipe. Bike is a 2003ie and used for high days and holidays now. Thought I would investigate new exhausts and after laughing at aprilia dealer prices, honestly 875 plus delivery for a 9 yr old bike. Looked at Arrow etc but still 300. There had to be a better way. Weeks of failed attempts at getting rusted bolts out, endless drilling, retapping, breaking drills, breaking taps, I know, ham-fisted is one way of saying it! Well eventually I get both exhausts off. Right hand is not too bad, a rust clean and repaint and back on it goes. Left hand link pipe is shot, can/silencer is ok, I had cleaned and painted both with hammerite a few years back when the rust started to show. Source 30mm flexi stainless pipe onlin for 15 and cut off link pipe almost to end of can. A bit of Holts Firegum in lieu of gasket and bobs my auntie.
    Started first time too, might need a wee bit more firegum on one joint but it will pass muster. Well it will get me through this summer anyway until a bit of cash is available for a new bike or a new exhaust. Only after I put pic here did I see price tag still on clamp. 1.69 so all in about 20, RESULT.
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    Good idea - thought exactly about this ... but a little bit shorter, only instead of the flange, where the pipes slips in each other.
    Its not very smart, but functional.

    Is it leakproof?



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    Fantastic! Biking on a budget! How long has it lasted so far?
    I wish there were more "alternative" options like this for other parts available!

    I am not an expert, please make your own judgement on diagnosis prior to doing anything drastic! I cannot accept any responsibilty for any work done on suggestions from me! If you are unsure, please contact your local garage.

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