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Thread: Bira Circuit Thailand

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    Bira Circuit Thailand

    top day on monday , we spent at Bira circuit in Thailand on my mates bike , i rode his Ex AMA GSXR 1000 with 196Hp at the real wheel , carbon brakes 167 kg with 2 lives of fuel , fuck i am not sure what they did to the geometry but it turns on a dime and can change direction like a 250 , best brakes i have ever used by far . it doesn't have TC so the track is now covered in big black lines biggest problem was not being able to get on the stops out of the corner even on the straights you had to roll the throttle on as even it 4 th gear if you just nailed the throttle it would stand vertical on the back wheel , soooooo much fun to ride .
    his other bike is 2012 ZX10 supersport spec with a blue printed mapped engine that puts out 204 Hp , but it has full electronics launch control , wheelie control , pit speed limiter , traction control and its works a treat , it hooks up and drives out of the corners so well . i rode the GSXR all day as was having way to much fun but wednesday i will be running the ZX10 .
    it took a 2-3 sessions to get the suspension dial in for me , we had to add a lot more spring on the forks the brakes are so good once your brain and balls got it that you could go 10-15 meter latter than what was normal , the force was bottoming out the forks . rebound felt to much on the rear until i picked the pace up and started running a lot more corner speed and loading it up , then it was fine . bike was funny to ride as it is a animal to ride slow it really wants to bite you but the harder you push it the better it handles and easier it is to ride .

    great way to send the day , roll on wednesday and another day of testing

    well today i had nothing to do so spent the day at Bira circuit in thailand again

    this Suxuki GSXR 1000

    makes these

    i was trying to help a mate out with line his are on the left mine on the right

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    hell, my wife can leave lines like that with the VW

    Nice report, awesome bikes.
    potere - italian for power
    have M1 permit, will travel

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