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Thread: Faring kit for a V7

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    Faring kit for a V7

    And it looks nice for you farkling farklers out there.
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    I like the included seat. Stucchi has a really nice fairing for these models as well.
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    that's pretty damn good looking !!


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    Hmmmmmm, only one disc up front. I would like to test it and see how effective that brake actually is.
    I hadn't noticed the new cylinder and head styling before. The head and cylinder melted into each other.
    But the really big question is: Is that a four valve per cylinder head????????????

    It does look quite nice.

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    nice kit, but 1400? thats like over 2K USD, 1/5 of how much the whole bike cost.
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    The single disc is way more than adequate, believe me. The smallblocks are quite light and not very powerful or fast, (This is not an insult, simply a fact.) and the single disc helps their agility. Despite their low spec on paper they can be thrown around with verve in the twisties and like a 125 two-stroke its all about keeping up the corner speed.

    A 'Sports' bike they'll never be but a fun bike, especially in a hilly or crowded environment, they definitely can be. They're a lot more reliable now than they used to be and the current range are selling like hot-cakes! While I think the 'Racer' is a horrible 'Tart's Handbag' The 'Cafe', especially in white, is a very pretty little thing.

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    that kit will be coming to the USA in black instead of silver.....$1995, we're taking pre-orders. Figure a Fall season delivery.


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    Quote Originally Posted by abouc View Post
    I like the included seat. Stucchi has a really nice fairing for these models as well.
    The one from Stucchi does not show signals coming through, and as it's just the front and no replacement seat + spoiler, sells for quite a bit less - about 500 euro before tax, etc. In white or lime green.

    I keep looking at these V7....
    Last time I was at the dealership I sat on one again, but told myself I didn't want it because I like to go on long rides and really want fairings. I noticed some commentors on MCN were bashing the idea as equivalent to putting clipons on a Harley. The point isn't to make the bike more track-worthy (note the headlamp is not concealed) - it's to make it more enjoyable on longer, spirited rides. This is very encouraging...
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    With the seat/tail and factory fit and finish it doesn't sound like it's too expensive.

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