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Thread: lumpy injection

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    lumpy injection

    having just bought my peg strada im not sure if the injection is ment to be so lumpy / jerky , i read they wernt that smooth on injection but this still suprised me a bit, is every one else the same and is there a fix , will a power comander help ?

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    many peoipe say a power commander makes a massive difference. I found that, with my cak handed appraoch to life, if I should repalce my spark plug every 2000 miles the bike ran like slik. It was cheap and make me smile. you may find diffenent, but for the cost of a sparky, I'd give it a go.....

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    Hi, My Peg was the same, Power commander and O2 optimiser fixed it and it is as smooth as slik now, if you search the thread I started last year when I got my peg you can see the whole saga,
    thanks to Factory660 and others on this forum I got the info I needed..

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