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Thread: First Service

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    First Service

    I took my 2009 Sportcity 250 in to have the fuel pump replaced as part of the recall and the dealer said that I should also get the first service done. Since my SC only has 110 miles on it and is only 9 months old, he said that the general rule is to have the first service completed at 650 miles or, after the first year, whichever comes first. He said that since it's in the shop right now, I might as well get the annual service done. Does this sound right? Also, he said that the service will cost $185. Sounds a bit high to me???
    2009 Aprilia Sportcity Cube 250
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    How far away is he from you? That could be a factor. Otherwise I would wait, but I'm a "tightwad" In fact, I'm so tight, I did my first service myself and am still doing it. About all they do is change both oils and check for leaks and loose things (more or less) Just my opinion.

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    in mission vijeo your on track pricewise there buddy

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    Depends on the service. My dealer reccomends on the 09 to change to an irridium plug, change the belt, rollers, variator guides and to do the 2nd year flushes after the first year due to the bike being in a crate for almost 3 years before it was sold. If he is checking the valve lash too then $185 while it may seem high at first glance might be a bargain.

    I put about 1,000 miles a month on my 09 Sport City so I already did the 600 mile service myself after the first 3 weeks of ownership but asside from the valve check I will be doing most of the annual service myself. Will probably bring the bike in before the factory warranty runs out to have them do an annual check just in case there are any warrantable issues that need to be taken care. No symptoms of problems but I want to play it safe.

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    ive got 268miles on my new 2009 SC250 ive had her about 6 days i will be servicing myself after the first service done at the dealer here in brooklyn. i think its going to be $150

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