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Thread: help on pre-mix my mx125 please !!!

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    help on pre-mix my mx125 please !!!

    I have only just got my 2006 mx125 rotax 122 engine on the road after seizing the last engine,
    i am wondering on starting to pre-mix it now, i would like to know the ratio i would have to use, i was thinking on using a 20 litre drum and filling that up, please could somebody let me know the ratio of it single and in the 20 litre drum. would be much appreciated. cheers

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    33:1 is the ratio, 1L off fuel too 33ml off 2 stroke so for 20L off fuel then your looking at 660ml off 2 stroke, I also read somewhere that you need to upjet slightly if you run pre mix? not 100% sure but have a look on some off the RS125 site's!

    Ps. may want to run 34:1 just for peace off mind that there is definitely enough in there i know i would on mine if/when i do come to running pre-mix.

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