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Thread: Kriega luggage install

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    Kriega luggage install

    Hello All,

    The DD1200 is still very new (only 800km on the ODO), but I have been looking at a few bits and pieces to make the bike work a little better for me. One of the things I wanted was the ability to carry a modest amount of luggage with reasonable ease...

    I have always been impressed by the Kriega line of products, and after some head scratching, I decided I could probably re-purpose the kit they sell for the Ducati XDaivel.

    I mounted the two rear loops to the same seat lock mount, using an extra washer that I had lying around. The two forward loops were fitted as supplied to the screws that hold the battery cover trim in place.

    I'm actually really pleased. Most of the time I ride without luggage, and all I can see are four very subtle loops poking out from under the seat. When I do want to carry luggage, I can attach my Kriega US-10 (or US-20) in a matter of seconds.

    Now then, a little word of warning. The rear mount (that attaches the seat lock) is obviously reasonably sturdy. However, the forward mounts are only held by screws into plastic trim - clearly not the most secure. I honestly don't think that the bag will come loose - this would mean the loop (with the screw on the end) would have to be pulled between the seat and the bike. With the weight of a rider aboard, probably unlikely. I accept that I may have an issue with the forward mounts, but am happy with the risk. I don't strap the bags down too tightly - just snug enough to stop them wandering all over the place.

    What I really like is that the loops are always on hand, ready to go. The normal way of mounting the Kriega luggage (and most of the other stuff on the market) is to have straps running under the seat. I found that these always floated around when not in use, and needed fishing out when I did want to carry some luggage.

    No such issue with this option. Loops always handy when you want them, and pretty inconspicuous when you don't.

    Thought I'd share... Would probably work for a DD750, but not sure whats under the seat of one of those.
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    good to know thanks a lot

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    This looks good for shorter hops. For something a bit more substantial, have a look at this:Name:  DD1200 Touring.jpg
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    I also found this for about $20 us on ebay and it works well for shorter hops:Click image for larger version. 

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