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Thread: MP3 or Can Am Spyder

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    MP3 or Can Am Spyder

    Ive been looking at the Can Am Spyder... Then I remembered the MP3... The Can Am and the MP 3 are both 3 wheelers, but the similarity stops there... Initial cost, gas mileage, fun factor, LOOKS like the MP3 has the Can Am there...

    You folks that have MP3's... What do you think about comparing the Can Am Spyder to the MP3? I was seriously thinking Spyder, til I started reading reviews on the MP3, now Im not so sure...
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    Somehow, I just can't get over the small front wheels on the MP3.

    I'm thinking of a three-wheeler too, because I want to do two-up touring and just don't feel comfortable with the thought of a pillion on my two-wheeled Aprilia Mana. There, the passenger weight would be placed up too high and risks unbalancing the bike in emergency situations.

    But the MP3's small front wheels -- even though there are two of them -- don't inspire much confidence for the highway. What happens if you hit a pothole going 80 mph?

    Plus the MP3's a weighty 500 lbs., yet with only a 500-cc motor. My Mana's got an 850-cc motor for roughly the same weight, while the Can Am's got the 1000-cc motor of a racebike. Both of those engines make more sense to me for handling two-up riding with luggage.

    Of course, the low MSRP of the MP3 is appealing (the Can Am's steep MSRP is like buying a second car! Yikes!), as is the ability to lean. It also seems like the MP3 has had far fewer operating and warranty issues than the Can Am. But storage for longer trips is much more limited than what the Can Am offers.

    I'm leaning towards the Can Am for my needs. But if you're more interested in solo riding around-town and such, then the MP3 seems like a better choice.

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    If you want to ride like you would on a bike then the MP3 is for you. Can Am is too exee and too much like a car for me. I had an MP3 (Fuoco here) and the small wheels are not a problem. I took it on gravel roads and highways and never had a problem with potholes even though I did go through a few. Of more a concern is the running costs with a major service every 10,000ks and tyres only lasting 8,000ks max. The costs mount up. It costs as much to get the tyres put on the front as it does to buy them. I had a Malossi variator and a LeoVince exhaust and the Fuoco had ample power with one rider saying he got the front to lift, so worries about the power to weight ratio are not justified.
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    I've ridden a Spyder and have 2 MP3s. Far as I'm concerned the MP3s are the only way to go unless you have physical problems. The Can-Ams don't lean in corners much(like driving a car) and get lousy gas mileage(30 if you're lucky). My 400 MP3 get's 60 mpg and my 250 MP3 get's 65 mpg. Also the Can-Ams are a lot wider and when you go into a corner on 1 and back off the gas, the whole rig wants to drift off the road.

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    The Can-am spyders always intrigued me but they are a different kind of beast. I demo rode a manual spyder on Hollywood streets. It was fun to ride but you definitely get stuck in traffic since it is so big. No splitting lanes (legal in CA) or fitting into small parking spaces. I didn't take it on the freeway, (only been a passenger on a spyder on the freeway) but man it can go fast. I've heard about it wanting to drift off the road or throw you off the bike in turns but I haven't experienced that. But then again I only had a short demo ride on city streets. As a passenger on a day trip, I didn't have any issues. I did grip the back hand bars though pretty tight as we took it up to 90-100mph, but I'm not used to being a passenger heh heh. The MP3s are incredibly fun. Really nothing like the spyders. The spyder might be my old age ride.

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    loved the Spyder as it had stability, speed, it was an eye candy. I found this out firsthand during our group rides; one of us had this CanAm. I almost bought 1. Then I found the mp3 500 on the net. Paydirt! Less gas mileage, narrow profile (the Spyder always got left back in traffic, he had to fill up with 7 gals often). So I sprang for the mp3. I now have 2, 3, and 4 wheel rides. We always used the Spyder as a storage bin for our rides I'm hoping they don't use my mp3 for that. Btw, I have a 900cc cruiser w/c I might soon ditch.

    Price was a non issue; I could get used Spyders.

    A bit concerned abt sturdiness/maintenance but great mp3 forums are out there.

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    Funny, I saw a couple (assuming here, man and woman) on a pair of three wheelers today. The mp3 250cc and the Can Am Spyder. From my deck as I watched them pass by I really got a good perspective on the width of each. That Spyder really is wide. I have driven them but was not impressed. Spyder-Sense (abs, TC, ESP) really took the fun out of it and it handles exactly like what it is, a snowmobile with wheels. Not my thing. I would personally prefer the one that leans what to me feels like he riht way. For a totally new rider the Can Am is carline enough it should be a fairly easy transition. For me a regular 200-300cc Vespa is the way to go.

    If they made an R model Spyder where you could turn off all the electro nannies you migh be as to have a real good time. Especially with some well developed Aprilia V990 spec parts installed. It will still be heavy no matter what though. Different strokes for different folks I guess though.
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    Theyres a lot coming Dwn the pipe from a few Mfgrs in the Eu as personal narrow track vehicles evlove I will wait a bit saw a mp3 hybrid in news 125 plus electric wen some hi po driveline changes come about will revisit dry drives the mana and 850 scoot scare me w dry in between wet systems if that's how they work etc ..

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    With the spyder wouldn't one tire always be on the oil strip? They are much wider and I figure a front tire or rear would always have the chance to pick up some oil.

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