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Thread: GPS tracking device for scooters

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    GPS tracking device for scooters

    Anyone have info on installing a GPS tracking device that is relatively cheap i.e., no monthly service fees?

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    I just use my iphone.
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    I assume he means something like LoJack.

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    How will said GPS device send the data? If needs a service to do that, which in turn costs a fee.

    Unless you are trying to track your son/daughter from going to places they shouldn't, then there are devices that you can attach to the bike, hidden, that will store all routes and speeds that you later download to your PC.
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    There are real time GPS trackers available..

    They are more popular overseas but here is one for the US made by Scorpio:

    There are no harness adapters for an Aprilia, but I am sure someone could buy the Vespa harness or one for another motorcycle and make it work on an Aprilia scooter.

    It has free data/SMS services for the first year, after that it will cost $10/month.

    In europe they have a larger variety of these things.. here is one made for scooters that scooter-attack and another site sell:

    Being careful with where I leave my scooter and sticking a cable and rotor lock on it is much cheaper than a $500+ lo-jack unit for something I only paid $1500 for.

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