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Thread: Throttle Bar Ends

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    Throttle Bar Ends

    Been trying to remove the bar ends so i can fit heated grips, the allen key socket just keeps turning, can anyone give some advice on how to remove these end stops.



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    Hey Paul,

    You have to hold the bar end still while you turn the allen bolt. If your hand won't do, then a strap wrench or channel locks padded with rubber or a towel will work. Just be careful with the channel lock/plier route as you could bugger up the finish on the bar end pretty easily.

    Good luck!



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    What works best are these little rubber lever straps that Sears sells. You can get the pair which should cover anything from a door knob to the bar end. It's what I used to get the ends off to install my Throttlemeister. The only thing I'm not sure of is how you are going to get the white plastic throttle grip under your handlebar grip off the handlebar. Let me know how it goes.


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    Sears sells the strap wrench you need for $9.99. Ask for Sears Item #00945533000. I see them in the tool section of every Sears I go to. Worked great on mine and no damage to the finish.


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    Just done what you're trying to attempt, before you spend any money on tools try this. Put some insulation tape around the bar end twisting it so that some of the sticky side faces outwards. Insert the allan key, hold the bar end with your hand and give the allan key a sharp tap (anti-clock wise) with a heavy object like a spanner. Worked for me.

    If your fitting Oxford grips, make sure they work before you fit them. Fitted mine last week only to find that one of them is kaput. A one hour job turned into a five hour swearing session.

    If you want to know what you're in for let me know, I dont want to bore everybody with the details.

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    Swearing . . . . . shoorly not!!
    Get the grips at the bike show then?? sounds like you spent more than me

    good tip BTW. . . . .another one for my archives

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    No Rab a local dealer.

    Thanks guys, sorted grips on, managed to undo with wrench and cloth, had to use glue to fix grips back on, waiting for it to dry.

    throttle a little slow in returning, (cruise control now) to position. Will have to watch to see how it goes.

    Someone else doing the electrics for me tomorrow.


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    Sounds like the the rotating sleve is now draging on the handle bar. Lets hope it doesn't get too tight when the grip heats up.

    You'll be the only one that can salute the rest of us with the right hand.

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    Problem sorted, had to remove some rubber form near bar end, as it was rubbing on the stopper.

    Seems to roll back normally now, when fitting the new grips on the throttle side the wite grip still stays over the top, but where as the Aprilia grip is ribbed inside, the new ones were smooth hence the need to glue.

    Strange now in the UK the weather has got much warmer, will now probably need them unless i get in a downpoor to dry the gloves out.

    Cheers .Paul

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