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Thread: Exhaust Refinishing

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    Ricky J

    Exhaust Refinishing

    Never did care much for the riser pipes that run from the back of the cat to the muffler inlet. Mine are pretty cobby and industrial, with forming marks and discolorations. Question: could they be chromed? I'm not worried about bluing. Polishing might be OK too, but a good chrome finish would stay corrosion-free longer.

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    I've seen exhaust that was powder coated with a silver color, looked almost chrome.

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    Ricky J


    I wonder if that was the Jet-Hot high temperature ceramic finish? Definitely an option...

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    Re: Ceramic?

    it was actually: cermachrome thermal insulating ceramic-coating, with a mixed review, but that location it wouldn't have to be absolutely perfect anyhow.

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    Re: Ceramic?

    Check out this site. The Gun Cote product has been around for a number of years. I have used it on everything from cylinders on dirt bikes to exhausts and it holds up great.
    It must be airbrushed on a warm( about 120 deg. F) ,clean part then bake it at 300 F for 1 hour. Its a bit of a hassle but is much cheaper than ceramic and should hold up as well.

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    Ricky J

    Old School!

    Kal Gard Gun-Kote? Been there tried that...many many moons ago! It lasted longer on head pipes than other paint-type finishes but it eventually peels off too, even with careful prep and baking. I'm after a shinier metal finish however...

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    Ricky J

    Jet Hot

    Checked out's Sterling 1300 finish- that might be the ticket, a bright finish with great durability and thermal insulating properties. Make life a little easier for that beleaguered rear shock!

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