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Thread: Price for a damaged bike?

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    Price for a damaged bike?

    I crashed my bike about a month ago. $6,500 worth of damage, mostly to plastics. No damage to the frame, forks, mechanicals, or wheels. It actually won't be difficult to repair.

    I want to sell the bike as is. First, what is a used 2002 Futura with 6k miles on it going for these days? Second, any ideas on what I should ask for the bike as is?

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    Don't shoot the messenger !

    I am going to take a stab at this.

    I will start by telling you that I do not have any experience in this, but I do spend a high percentage of waking hours on e-bay and looking at the trend in devaluation of toys.

    I would say the value of the bike is between $3000 and $4000 as you described. The way I calculated this was to assume the '02 is worth $9,500 in mint condition with the miles you listed. I then subtracted the $6500 worth of damage. The last mark would be if some of the parts that were scratched would be tollerated by a potential buyer, and I can't answer that.

    I am sure there will be much dispute over my calculation, especially of an '02 with 6k miles. I will say that I have tracked those who were trying to sell used Futura's, and the market is far from hot. The price must be appealing and you have to be honest with yourself as to what it is worth if you want to sell it. I have an Ash Gray 02' with 4k miles, and at $9000 it would be hard to sell.

    Best of luck, and please report back how you make out!

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    Hope you are doing well hp and nothing serious happened to you or anyone else. What happened?

    If the damage is indeed for about $6500, then you should be able to get around $3k to $3.5K for your bike. It really is difficult to say without looking at the damage because some things one can live with.

    Best wishes.

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    Re: The Crash

    Was cruising along on a country road I had been on many times before. A brief rainshower had passed by about 30 minutes before my ride. Came up on a turn doing about 25 mph. Just before the turn is a very small (20 feet long) bridge. As you come up on the bridge it looks like the surface is concrete. In fact, it is wood. When you get to the bridge you are already looking through the turn. So I have never been aware (and none of the other local riders I've talked to have been aware) that the bridge was wood. I went down before I knew what had happened. I was bouncing down the road wondering where the #@$%&^ my bike went! By the way, there are no signs indicating that the bridge is wood, or that there is a slippery surface.

    The bike had minimal damage to it right up until the point where it flipped upside down into a ditch. The weight of the bike crushed a lot of plastic parts, hence the repair bill. While I was standing there trying to figure out what had happened a guy in a truck pulled over and told me that lots of bikes have gone down on that wood bridge. That was the first time I knew the bridge was wood. I walked onto the bridge and there was a sheen from oil or fuel (not from my bike), and the surface of the bridge was slippery as snot.

    I broke a rib, bruised my knee and several other joints. But my riding gear did its job. My wife is just in a panic. She figures if something this stupid finally got me then how will I ever avoid something more serious. Suffice to say I don't agree with her. However, the one thing I have to agree with her on is that the multimedia company I own is very young and can't do without me while I heal up. Once we grow more and I have a bigger staff I will get a new bike.

    Finally, I have worked with our local county to have warning signs placed on either side of the bridge. The bridge is in a wetland and will require a mountain of state and federal permits to replace it. At least the signs will be up soon.

    Anyway, that's my depressing saga. I got one incredible year on my Futura. Once my business grows I plan on having more on a new model.

    Thanks for the advice guys!

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    re: The Crash

    Glad you are OK hp. I have had my share of accidents also. I sure hope in the near future, once your company is more established, you are able to get another Futura and ride again.

    Once again best wishes.

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    might be interested

    I was wondering if you were still looking at selling the bike, and if so, what price did you have in mind. If you are, drop me a line at , I may be interested depending on location/price.

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    Bridge bummer


    Total stab in the dark. Was it that stupid little bridge just past the Rochester turn-off to Lincoln Creek? (before the right-hander). I *hate* that one. I slipped on it once on my Triumph Trophy, and barely managed to stay afloat. I can't ride over it still, after many more miles, without re-living it.
    Sorry it happened to you.

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    Re: The Crash

    Hmmmm, I wonder if hp and a certain <a href=";a ct=ST;f=5;t=3853" target="top">bugsquasher</a> could ever be seen together at the same time.

    Hope you're healing well.

    '01 Flame Red

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    The infamous bridge

    Olyrider, the bridge of which you speak is indeed the one. About two hours after I crossed it another rider almost went down. The guy was so shaken up he had to pull over for a while to collect his wits. I have it noted on my calendar to check with the county in a week or so to make sure the warning signs have gone up. Imagine if you went down while heading north over the bridge. You'd probably hit the guardrail.

    You know, the county road engineers took one look at the bridge and agreed to put up signs. Us riders have to stick together and hassle the roads folks when we see something like this. I knew the guys mentioned above were likely to head across that bridge later on the same day I went down. I worried like hell about them. While I stood on the side of the road I watched a 3/4 ton pickup cross the bridge and slide all four wheels sideways on the bridge. The people in the truck had a shocked look on their faces.

    A guy in a truck who pulled over to help me said bikes go down there all the time. I know we are rugged individualists, but why didn't any of these riders call the county? They could have saved a few of their fellow riders busted bikes and injuries by asking the county to put up warning signs.

    BuckOOO, one and the same. Started on this board first and kept it short with "hp", actually my first and middle initial. requires longer names and Bugsquasher was the best I could do. By the way, UFO (the webmaster of rides in this area, and even he wasn't aware the bridge was wood.

    Supercat, I live in Olympia, Washington. I'm thinking of asking about $3,500 for the bike. Insurance paid for a new gas tank ($900), but it only has a small scuff on it. Same for a few of the other expensive plastic parts. So whoever gets the bike should have to put in maybe another $3k and would pretty much have a new bike.

    The rib is healing up just fine. Can't seem to get all the swelling to go down in the knee. I'll give it another week or so before I get it checked out. I appreciate all of your comments and support.

    hp (aka Bugsquasher)

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