Hey gang,
I’m from Northern Minnesota USA. Picked up a 2002 Capo a couple of months ago. Really nice bike with just about all the upgrades, fixes I’ve seen discussed on this forum. It sure was helpful to do research with all the good info here before I bought. I’ve had lots of bikes in my 40 or so years of riding this is only my second non-Japanese bike, my first was a Pegaso that I just sold to a friend. That one made me really like Aprilia and decided to get the Caponord and love it, sounds great, it’s got the GPR Tri ovals and was remapped. Fast and handles great too.
Had one issue when I took it for its first ride that I thought I’d pass along and the solution I found. It would shut down completely every few miles like I was hitting the kill button, I’d pull over, put it in neutral and it would fire right up and run for a couple more miles. The first thing I checked was the side stand clutch switch circuit and found the clutch switch had been bypassed with one of the aftermarket plugs I’ve seen out there and the terminals in the plug were a really loose fit, looked like the manufacturer Put the wrong lugs in the plug. Got rid of the plug and soldered the wires together, so far no more problem after a couple thousand miles.
Ive got a really serious problem now that I couldn’t find any info in the manual for, Anybody know how to switch the clock from a 24 to 12 hour clock?