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Thread: WHO ARE YOU?An introduction

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    Forgot to mention that stator was ok. Ordered an FH008ED. Thanks for your help (northernkiwi in particular) and everyone for filling the site with very useful info!

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    Quote Originally Posted by matisse View Post
    Did today the first steps on fixing charging. I'm surprised I got any current through from the R/R. One of the wires was practically cut already. After peeling insulation to get some conducting copper visible, there was so little wire left, that I needed an extension to reach the yellow wires coming from the stator. It's an ugly temporary fix, but gave me an extra volt. I'll order an FH008 asap. If you google FH008EE in you'll see them at 189, 110 or 89 EUR. Do you know if those cheap ones from Italy are ok or crap? Do I need to remove the tank to check if the fuel connectors have been changed? I'd like to do that at the same time as the front brown connector.

    Or Stanleybobly, if you see this post, how much would you ask for the wiring kit with the RR (or if you don't have one lying around, without it)? I think I can't PM yet.
    you dont need to remove the tank completely but you will need to unscrew everything holding it on, then just lift it up. FH008 is the honda replacement so i do not think they are a copy, just second hand from cbr's or goldwings. if you check the what did you do to Your capo thread you will find a recent post about the Connectors. sorry here instead
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    Hi guys.

    I'm new in the forum, but I read a lot already about the Caponord. The community that this bike has in The Internet is the main reason I got one.

    As you might have though already the color of my Caponord is Hiltonblue .

    Thanks for the community you have created.


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