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Thread: Hard Luggage for Aprilia Racks?

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    Hard Luggage for Aprilia Racks?

    Anyone make adapters for the stock Aprilia racks to put on hard luggage instead of the soft ones?

    Im talking about the ones that fit Falco's.

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    Tom (Werks) and I have both done it. In fact I copied Tom`s setup.

    Do a search for Givi Panniers and tons of info will come up.
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    You can buy matching hard luggage with universal mounting plate adaptor for peanuts (€59 for TWO large cases in a sale!) at every Polo or Hein Gericke motorbike shop chain, end of season is the best time for that.

    At that price, it's not worth self-fabricating things.

    I used it for one long ride across France last season. However, I found they are way too big for my usual luggage requirements, and stick out too much.

    I have since given one case to my brother, and will construct a "bridge" between the OEM rails to mount the remaining single case on top of the rear seat cover. Reverting back to soft luggage from Aprilia, in combination with lockable top case.

    You can also use most universal plate adaptors that come with standard top- and / or side cases, i.e. the aftermarket scooter stuff, or Givi.

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