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Thread: No mar tire changer

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    No mar tire changer

    Please note that this is for local pick up only. Will not ship. Marysville Washington.

    Offered to two buds, but they both haven't given me the "yes" yet, so I'm posting this up for sale now. FIRM in price. Everything is already set and assembled. All you have to do is bolt it to the garage floor.

    No Mar tire changer. Jr. Pro model.
    Will also include the spoons as well as a full bucket of the lube paste, balancer, three brand new mounting tips, "the yellow thing", and wheel weights. This thing has paid for itself many times over. Everything is guarantee'd for life. Anything happens to the changer, and you get it replaced for free. Never had an issue with it either.


    Copied from website:
    Non-Marring Bead Breaker

    42 Inch Bead Breaker Arm for incredible leverage
    Non-Marring Bead Breaker Wedges drive in toward rim
    No bending over while breaking the bead
    Wheels lay on top of polyethylene blocks while breaking the bead. No bent rotors
    Bead breaker clearance 16.5 ”
    Articulating OverHead Arm

    Firmly supports center pivot post in locked position
    Overhead arm telescopes in and out for easy center post indexing on wheel center, lug hole or use the cup welded at the frame arm intersection to hold the post secure while passing through “Open Hub” wheels
    Overhead Arm swings aside while not in use and locks with large knob
    This model comes with a Spoonbar Collar to hold your first Spoonbar while using the Spoonbar set.
    Non-Marring Wheel Lock System

    High Quality Precision Construction
    No metal will ever touch your wheels
    Height of blocks allows clearance of most Belt drive sprockets and brake rotors
    Lifetime warrantee on all plastic parts (see Warranty for details)
    We don’t think it is possible to wear this device out!
    Grip range is 7” to 24” tires (8 5/8 – 25 5/8 inches)
    Tire OD clearance is 35 1⁄2”
    Case hardened frame arms for wear resistance.
    Works with portable hitch mount for convenience
    Patented Design
    Comes complete with

    3 Xtra hand clamps-Aids in locking wheels into device- see our videos!
    Concrete floor mount kit with 4 TITEN HD® Heavy Duty Screw Anchors
    Mount/Demount bar w/ extra tips- also Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Simply send back the old tips and we will send you new ones (see Warranty for details)
    Tire lube paste and spray bottle
    Our signature 7 Step powder coat finish
    Video instruction DVD

    PM me if you're interested. Will have to get back to you later as I'm going to bed.

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