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Thread: Falco run against a TL 1000 Susuki

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    Falco run against a TL 1000 Susuki

    Just had a nice run from 2 rd gear up to about 135 mph against a TL1000. He was in front when we both got on it. I almost ran him over coming up from behind. When we got to the stop light (Ortega Hiway) he said "Damn that bikes fast" You gotta love these under rated Falco's. And the wierd thing is with 3400 miles on it it seems to be getting faster as it breaks in. It pulls harder suprising me at times.

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    TL race

    Yeah, but did you PASS him? And was it an R or an S?There's a bit of a difference in HP

    As soon as I get my billet stacks on to compliment the Evoluzione race airbox kit, which I definitely KNOW works, I'm going hunting for a TL-R. A great man once said that if you're going to go hunting - hunt for a rhinocerous. If you get him, you're a big hero, but if you don't get him, every one will say "well you count've gotten him anyway!" (Hope I don't blow my own foot off)!

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    tl race

    When you bag that critter let me know how it went down. If you lose (which you won't) but if that happened just make up a good excuse. Works for me at golf everytime!

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    Before I bought my Falco, I was dead set on buying a TLS. I rode several and none of them put out the useable power that the Falco does. Also, if you get into a twisty section you will shred him (stock suspension and all!), the Falco is much more user friendly in the corners. The TL makes you feel like you are trying to bull ride it while the Falco makes you feel united with the bike.

    I made the decision to buy the Falco and I have not looked back yet.

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